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About me


  • My name is Michael and I am passionate about creating in the 3D space. I enjoy crafting mobile apps, websites, games, models, and more. I have a deep understanding of information technologies which means I am capable of creating or editing projects for any scenario, from single mobile app users to scaling web applications. That being said my primary development is done in Java, Unity, Blender, and the web stack (HTML, JS, CSS).

  • Passion for Innovation:
  • I possess a profound enthusiasm for transforming ideas into sleek, efficient, and scalable solutions. My joy lies in problem-solving and engineering, making each project a captivating challenge.

  • Diverse Development Endeavors:
  • While working full-time creating applications, I also devote my free time to delving into game development using Unity and Blender. My goal is to launch and monetize mobile games in the future, adding additional income to my streams.

  1. What Sets Me Apart:
  2. ğŸŽ“ I thrive on unraveling complexities, refusing to accept them as 'black boxes'. My approach involves understanding the workflow and systemic design, enabling me to manipulate programs as needed.

  3. Why My Expertise Matters:
  4. 🚀 I take pride in delivering top-notch code, ensuring optimal and efficient solutions. Following the mantra that functions should be small, I believe in keeping them concise for better readability and maintenance.

  5. What I bring to the table:
  6. 💻 Enthusiastic about computer development, I thrive in both software and hardware domains. From programming and sensor integration to exploring electrical and mechanical engineering, my journey reflects a passion for maximizing skills across the expansive spectrum of technology.

  7. Let’s Discuss Your Next Project:
  8. Whether you're a recruiter, colleague, or someone passionate about technology, I invite you to explore my portfolio. Let's start a conversation about how my skills and experiences align seamlessly with your needs.

What I'm doing These Days

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    Game Development

    I am spending a lot of time perfecting my skills in asset creation. I have learned the entire workflow process for 3D game design, now I am trying my hand at modeling, rigging, animating and game development with Unity and Blender.

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    Web development

    Dedicated to mastering web development, I've invested substantial time honing my skills in crafting sophisticated web applications. My expertise shines through in my ability to meticulously construct full-scale web applications from inception, showcasing a robust understanding of the entire development lifecycle, including security implementation.

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    Mobile apps (This is my day job)

    I work on a mobile app that controls smart devices inside of recreational vehicles using RV-C CAN messages. I integrate new hardware components into the main network, with an ever expanding list of suppliers for RV manufacturers we have a steady steam of new parts to integrate.

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    I dedicated a significant period between 2020 and 2023 to my college education, concluding my studies on October 31, 2023. Obtaining my degree in computer science was a crucial milestone in showcasing my proficiency in the field.

My Current Interests

  • Blender


    Passionate about 3D Art and Animation, I am currently honing my skills in Blender. From sculpting intricate models to crafting visually stunning animations, I find joy in bringing ideas to life through the lens of digital art. My commitment to mastering Blender extends to exploring its various features, including modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation. My hope is to use my own models inside a game engine with my knowledge of software development to create my own games.

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    As an aspiring game developer, I am deeply invested in Unity, a game development platform that empowers creators to build immersive experiences. I thrive on the challenges of game design, scripting, and optimizing performance within the Unity environment. My projects range from creating interactive game-play mechanics to developing captivating virtual worlds. With a firm belief in the potential of Unity, I am dedicated to expanding my proficiency in game development through continuous learning and hands-on projects.

    1. What I've learned in Unity:
    2. - Introduction to Unity's GameObjects, components, and the Unity Editor.
    3. - Acquisition of C# programming skills for scripting game functionality.
    4. - Crafting intricate game mechanics using Unity's physics system.
    5. - Designing immersive levels, integrating interactive elements and environmental triggers.
    6. - Optimizing performance through efficient coding practices and asset management
  • CyberSecurity


    I immerse myself in the world of ethical hacking and penetration testing using Kali Linux. I am learning to conduct penetration tests and understanding the intricacies of network security. By combining practical experience with theoretical knowledge, I aim to learn the ways of safe-guarding my digital assets and creations.

    1. What I've learned in Kali Linux:
    2. - Mastery of essential Kali Linux tools such as Nmap, Metasploit, and Wireshark
    3. - Analysis of network traffic using tools like tcpdump and Wireshark.
    4. - Implementation of firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems.
    5. - Proficiency in encryption techniques, including the use of VPNs and secure protocols (SSH, SSL/TLS).
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My Life in logos


  • Additional Jobs I've Had:
  • - Metal fabrication
  • - Carpentry
  • - Factory Assembler
  • - Automotive Assembly/Repair
  • - Quality Control
  • - Law Enforcement: Corrections
  • - Electrical Engineering
  • - System Design
  • - Network Security
  • - I'm well rounded with technical skills
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    High school

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    Motor Transport
    2013 - 2015

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  • client logo

    Military Police
    2015 - 2021

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    Software Development

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    FireFly Int.
    Software Engineer
    2021 - Present

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  1. Bachelors from Purdue University

    2020 — 2023

    • - Studied software development.
    • - Graduated with Straight A's and a 3.97 GPA.

  2. Military (Army/Navy)

    2013 — 2021

    • - 2013: Joined U.S. Army as 88m (Motor Transport)
    • - 2015: Switched to Navy as a Police Officer.
    • - Courses Attended: CDL Driving Course, Combat life Saver, Warrior Leadership Course, Naval Law Enforcement Academy ("A" School), Naval Security Forces (NSF) Training, Aviation Warfare Course

  3. High school


    • - Began coding as a hobby around 2008
    • - Completed high school with honors

Professional Experience

  1. Mobile App Dev (Full-Stack)

    FireFly Int.

    2021 — Present

    • - Integrating software components into a fully functional software system.

    • - Spearheaded the development of mobile applications incorporating RV-C CAN message integration.

    • - Specialized in integrating RV-C CAN messages into mobile applications, ensuring seamless communication with connected devices.

    • - Employed HTML, JavaScript, Angular, CSS, and Sass to create visually appealing and functional front-end designs.

    • - Leveraged the Ionic Capacitor framework for cross-platform app development, ensuring compatibility across various devices.

    • - Applied strong analytical and problem-solving skills to address challenges in mobile app development.

  2. Java Full-Stack Dev Training

    Coding Dojo

    2019 — 2020

    • - Completed Java Full Stack Developer training at Coding Dojo, mastering both front-end and back-end technologies for a solid foundation in web development.

    • - Developed proficiency in utilizing Spring Boot for efficient server-side application development

    • - Implemented and managed relational databases, including MySQL, to store and retrieve data efficiently

    • - Successfully completed multiple full-stack projects, showcasing proficiency in end-to-end application development.

    • - Creating and implementing user interfaces for web applications.

    • - Integrating user-facing elements with server-side logic.

Hobby Experience

  1. Game Developer



    • - Attained proficiency in box modeling techniques for the creation of diverse 3D assets.

    • - Currently advancing skills in sculpting within Blender to create detailed and realistic organic models.

    • - In the process of mastering retopology techniques to optimize and refine 3D models

    • - Have created clones of popular 'basic model' games like overcook and fallguy's complete with game-loop (Single player only).

  2. Android Developer



    • - Designed and developed a comprehensive fitness app using Android Studio and Java.

    • - Created an engaging ADHD Button app to foster a daily tapping habit.

    • - Implementing RESTful APIs for communication between the Android app and server.

    • - Implementing secure coding practices to protect user data.

    • - Applied Java programming skills to build robust and functional Android applications.

    • - Utilized streak features to motivate users to maintain a daily tapping habit.

    • - Slowed down to focus on game development using Unity.


Front-End Skills

  • JQuery
  • ThreeJS
  • HTML

  • CSS
  • React
  • Angular

Backend Skills

  • PostMan
  • SQL

  • Spring
  • PyTorch


  • Android
  • Blender
  • Unity
  • Git


  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C#


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